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Bi Predictions for 2015 (3 of 4): Carefully Consider Data Warehouse Appliances

Data Warehouse Appliances Move from Strategic Options to Tactical Ones As noted earlier, big companies are experimenting with Hadoop and will eventually lean on it heavily.  Proponents usually describe two key benefits of Hadoop: its ability to handle unstructured data and its low price point.  The folks I’ve spoken with who are working on that […]

BI Predictions for 2015 (4 of 4):

Cloud BI Opens the Field to Smaller & Smaller Organizations Over the past year or two the number of software as a service business intelligence tools has exploded.  Some, like Microstrategy Cloud and Tableau Online, are offered as a repackaging of traditional BI tools.  Others, like Domo, Statwing, and DataHero, are new tools built specifically […]

You Can Only Do Two Things With BI

I get a kick out of how vendors tout Business Intelligence. It’s usually something like, “Get more out of your data” OR “Don’t you want to be data driven?” OR “All the really cool companies are doing it, shouldn’t you?”  The problem is that this doesn’t say a bit about what you can really do […]