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Is my Big Data giving me Big Value?

Companies often find themselves wondering whether or not they have big data and questioning whether they even need business intelligence and predictive analytics to improve their business strategy. The reality is that you probably have more data than you think you do, but that the systems are not in place to make it useful.

Driving value through end-user engagement

It is important to remain aware of the fact that making data work for you is as much about people as it is about technology. Dataspace has learned a lot about end-user engagement with predictive software and business intelligence infrastructures over the past two decades. After all, it is not the products but the user of these products, the guy or gal who makes the day-to-day decisions, which ultimately determines whether or not your organization uses data effectively.

Becoming a Data-Driven Company in 2017

By now, we all know that big data and predictive modeling are at the heart of any successful and competitive corporate strategy.  But making data-driven decisions means more than just selecting software or implementing a BI system; it means making sure the people in your organization understand their roles in applying these systems effectively when it […]