Python and R Developer Staffing

When seeking data science developers, whether they be in Python, R, or some similar technology, you want candidates with an in-depth knowledge of the technology, how to apply it, and how to extend it with new packages and libraries. Dataspace uses a rigorous evaluation process to identify high-quality talent that can address your specific situation.  In fact, we have a track record of providing competent and reliable data science professionals to Fortune 100 corporations.


Our search begins by talking with you, the client, to fully understand your technology stack and the objectives you wish to achieve with the help of Python and R applications.  We then leverage our network to find candidates with proven knowledge of the Python and R ecosystem as well as demonstrated experience in your industry.


Our screening process evaluates candidate proficiency and experience in areas and tools such as:


  • Core Functions: NumPy, SciPi, and Pandas
  • Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Statsmodels , and Bokeh
  • Machine Learning: SciKit-Learn, Theano, Keras, and Tensorflow
  • Natural Language Processing: NLTK and Gensim
  • Crawling: Scrapy


We also evaluate general workplace competencies such as communication skills, initiative, and collaborative experience in team settings.


All candidates are screened personally by data technology experts and are provided at competitive rates.


Dataspace does NOT employ general recruiters and we pride ourselves on our ability to use big data industry expertise to identify true data science talent for our clients.


For more information about our Python and R Developer staffing services, please contact us at 734.761.5962 or send us an email at!

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