Bi Predictions for 2015 (3 of 4): Carefully Consider Data Warehouse Appliances

Data Warehouse Appliances Move from Strategic Options to Tactical Ones

As noted earlier, big companies are experimenting with Hadoop and will eventually lean on it heavily.  Proponents usually describe two key benefits of Hadoop: its ability to handle unstructured data and its low price point.  The folks I’ve spoken with who are working on that move to Hadoop are really focused on that second benefit: cost.  They’ve all said, “We’re going to save a lot of money by replacing our <put vendor of your choice name here> appliance with Hadoop.”  Combine this with the fact that there are also cost advantages to moving your storage to the cloud and you start to question the long term viability of appliances.

RECOMMENDATION: For organizations that don’t yet own data warehouse appliances, tread very cautiously.  At this point the decision to purchase appliances has to be viewed as tactical rather than strategic.  If you need a big performance boost and understand that your platform may not be viable in the long term, move ahead.  Otherwise, consider moving to the cloud, some form of column-store technology on commodity hardware, or possibly accelerating your move to Hadoop.

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