You Can Only Do Two Things With BI

I get a kick out of how vendors tout Business Intelligence. It’s usually something like, “Get more out of your data” OR “Don’t you want to be data driven?” OR “All the really cool companies are doing it, shouldn’t you?”  The problem is that this doesn’t say a bit about what you can really do […]

Signs you need BI – #1: People are overusing MS Excel and Access

Are you wondering if your organization is at the point where it needs to improve its reporting capabilities and invest in a business intelligence system?  This note is the first in an occasional series of emails and blog posts that describe situations that have been the impetus for Dataspace clients to build new, modern business […]

BI: On the State of Relations Between IT and End Users

Over the years, we have learned a whole lot about what it means to be a business intelligence end user, and we’d like to share some of what we’ve learned. While much of what we read about data warehousing and business intelligence is focused on technology, it really is the end user who determines whether […]

Confusing Terminology Part 1 – What Does Business Intelligence Mean?

I remember watching a really good webinar one time entitled Ten Changes to Maximize the Impact of Your BI Strategy by Gartner analyst Kurt Schlegel.  I found it to be well worth the hour spent on it (perhaps because it confirmed many of my own opinions!) and have recommended it to a number of folks. […]

Business Intelligence Radar: Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Britain

What is Business Intelligence?   It’s the set of tools, abilities, and data required to create a picture of the world and how your organization operates in that world. In building your business intelligence capabilities, you can learn a lot by looking at a historical precedent – the rise of radar detection capabilities – and […]

Star Schema: Data Mart? Yes – Data Warehouse? No

The Two Roles of a Data Warehouse Most people think of data warehouses as databases that solve reporting problems. However, it’s more useful to think of them as addressing two sets of problems: 1) Reporting, or data distribution, problems and 2) Data integration problems. In fact, Bill Inmon’s original definition of the data warehouse stated […]

Infinite MIPS, or How Your Hardware Vendor Let You Down

The Concept of Data Warehousing is Fundamentally Flawed Ever step back, think about what you’re doing, and then ask yourself, “Why?” Ever ask the same question about the concept of data warehousing? It’s time to face facts – while it may be necessary, the concept of data warehousing is fundamentally flawed. Think about it. We […]