Talentspace (345)

345: Senior Data Scientist

Technical Qualifications

 – R

 – Python

 – SAS

 – Power BI

 – Tableau

 – Azure

 – Hive 

 – Spark

 – Databricks

 – Pyspark

 – Scala


Pacific Northwest

Non-Technical Qualifications

 – Small Teams

 – Mentorships

 – Direct Reports


Candidate Details

Education: B.B.A. in Aviation Administration, Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
Specialization(s): Machine Learning, NLP, Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, Statistics
Industries: Manufacturing (2 yrs), Financial (4 yrs), Pharmaceutical (9 yrs)
Desired Location(s): Pacific Northwest
Role Interest: Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

This candidate gave clear, well-developed answers to all of my questions on data science concepts – demonstrating a strong understanding of the application of these techniques as well as the math behind them. On several points, he was able to go a little deeper than candidates usually do during my interviews. For example, he discussed his exploration of a new application for Support Vector Machines – training them with time series data as a tool for predicting truck engine failure. Likewise, our discussion about regression models led to an interesting digression on the concept of slope in a multidimensional space. I also appreciated this candidate’s breadth of experience over a wide range of industries.

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