Talentspace (346)

346: Data Scientist

Technical Qualifications

 – R

 – Arima

 – SQL



Non-Technical Qualifications

 – N/A

Candidate Details

Education: Masters in Business Administration, B.S. in Economics
Specialization(s): Pricing, Optimization, Machine Learning
Industries: Logistics/Freight (3 yrs)
Desired Location(s): Midwest/Open to Relocation
Role Interest: Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

This candidate is a bit earlier in his career, but I found that he presented himself very well and was quite conversant in data science. He correctly answered all of my technique questions except one about support vector machines, with which he has no experience. Of note, this candidate has several years of experience applying data science to pricing problems in logistics.

If you are interested in this candidate or if you have unique talent needs, please contact Costa Mavroleon at or at (734)761-5962 x504 for more information!