Talentspace (348)

348: Senior Data Scientist

Technical Qualifications

 – R

 – Python

 – Statistical Methods

 – SQL

 – Tableau

 – Rshiny

 – ggplot

 – Looker

 – Lattice

 – MongoDB

 – Neo4j

 – AWS

 – Google Cloud Compute

 – Azure


Non-Technical Qualifications

 – Mentorship

 – Project Ownership

Candidate Details

Education: M.S. in Statistics
Specialization(s): Big Data, Machine Learning, Pricing, Automation
Industries: Research (2 yrs), Online Marketplaces (2 yrs), Software/Cloud Services, (4 yrs)
Desired Location(s): Chicago/Remote
Role Interest: Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

This candidate is very confident in his knowledge of data science tools and practices, and was able to demonstrate the depth of his knowledge both through explanations of concepts as well as with references to relevant examples of projects from his career. In his last two positions he has been heavily involved in building ML models in Big Data environments – including developing a pricing elasticity engine for an online marketplace. He also told me that he really enjoys building hybrid models combining both traditional statistical and machine learning.

If you are interested in this candidate or if you have unique talent needs, please contact Costa Mavroleon at or at (734)761-5962 x504 for more information!