Talentspace (350)

350: Principal Data Scientist

Technical Qualifications

 – Python

 – R

 – SQL

 – TensorFlow

 – Power BI/PowerPivot

 – Tableau

Los Angeles

Non-Technical Qualifications

 – Small teams

 – Mentorships

 – Leadership


Candidate Details

Current Status: Accepted a role as Senior Manager: Revenue Planning and Analytics
Education: B.A. in Economics
Specialization(s): Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Clustering Analysis, Dynamic Pricing
Industries: Airline (6 yrs), Hotel (6 yrs), Cruise (1 yr)
Desired Location(s): Los Angeles
Role Interest: Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

This candidate really impressed me with his level of data science knowledge – both at the theoretical and the application level – as well as his passion for discovering innovative solutions to business problems. In his experience in the airline industry, he has spent a number of years in pricing and revenue management. While he has worked on ticket pricing in the past, he is currently focused on real-time pricing for ancillary items, such as seat-selection fees (our conversation was very eye opening in terms of the “black boxes” underlying airline pricing).

If you are interested in this candidate or if you have unique talent needs, please contact Costa Mavroleon at or at (734)761-5962 x504 for more information!