Talentspace (351)

351: Principal Data Scientist

Technical Qualifications

 – Python

 – SQL

 – Pandas

 – Hadoop

 – Spark

 – MongoDB


Non-Technical Qualifications

 – Large teams

 – Mentorships

 – Direct Reports


Candidate Details

Education: B.A. in Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
Specialization(s): Machine Learning, Price Optimization, Product Management, Data Forecasting
Industries: Online Retail (1 yr), Retail Corporation (8 yrs), Consulting (6 yrs), Cleaning Solutions (4 yrs)
Desired Location(s): Arkansas
Role Interest: Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

This candidate is an experienced data scientist, and I appreciated how throughout the interview he would reference relevant, practical examples from his work experience in order to illustrate the data science concepts we were discussing. He was able to go into great detail about some of his applications of complex data science techniques, including one example of an intricate regression model used to predict pricing elasticity for particular items. This candidate is also an experienced leader, as he has tackled both strategic and project based leadership roles and has led has led cross-departmental project teams of as large as 30.

If you are interested in this candidate or if you have unique talent needs, please contact Costa Mavroleon at or at (734)761-5962 x504 for more information!