Talentspace (353)

353: Python Developer

Technical Qualifications

 – Python

 – Tableau

 – Spark

 – SQL

 – R

 – AWS

 – GCP

 – MongoDB


Non-Technical Qualifications


Candidate Details

Current Status: Accepted a role as a full-time consultant
Education: B.A. in Mathematics
Specialization(s): Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Scraping
Industries: Consulting (2 yrs), Non-Profit (2 yrs)
Desired Location(s): Colorado
Role Interest: Contract/Permanent
Work Authorization: U.S. Citizen

Interviewer Notes

While this candidate is still very young in his career, I was quite impressed with his level of data science knowledge as well as his understanding of the mathematical foundations of data science methods. I also found him to be quite adept as a Python programmer.

If you are interested in this candidate or if you have unique talent needs, please contact Costa Mavroleon at or at (734)761-5962 x504 for more information!