Technology and SaaS Data Analytics Talent

Work with a recruiter that understands the unique analytics hiring needs of early-stage tech and SaaS companies.

If you’re in high-growth tech or need SaaS data analytics talent, you don’t have time to waste reviewing piles of data science resumes for candidates with less-than-stellar skills. That’s where we come in. We are a data staffing agency built by data experts. Our specialty is finding exceptional data talent for highly-specialized roles. Instead of passing along every resume that hits the right keywords, we only submit candidates that we evaluate as true options for your role. Bottom line: you may get fewer candidates from Dataspace, but they’ll be better qualified to fit your needs. You’ll save time and make the best possible hire.

Remote work data analytics talent for tech and SaaS.


Work with data analytics recruiters who are up to the challenge.

Before we were doing data talent recruiting, Dataspace was a data and analytics consultancy. We know the field firsthand, and we love the challenge of finding the perfect fit for high-value data science roles. We’ve helped technology and SaaS companies of all sizes build powerhouse data teams. And we understand why attention to detail is so vital to filling data-facing roles at SaaS and technology companies.