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Big Data & Data Science Staffing & Recruiting

Contractors for Data Science and Data Engineering

Our technical recruiters identify premium resources by understanding the technologies better than your average staffing company. Rather than just flipping resumes with the right buzzwords, we provide only contractors that have mastered the technologies at hand.

Recruiting for Data Science and Data Engineering

Finding experienced data science and data engineering practitioners is a challenge in today’s talent market. Through exhaustive search and promotion of your requirements, we get you the candidates that your internal recruiting and HR mechanisms cannot.

Technical Screening and Interviewing

Our team of technical experts in big data and data science technologies applies a unique level of scrutiny to the screening and interviewing process – in fact, we ultimately submit less than 1% of candidates we consider to our clients.

Detailed Candidate Summaries

A comprehensive review of every candidate’s experience, abilities, motivations and soft skills accompanies all resume submissions. You will have a full understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of each candidate before investing time in the interview process.

Responsive Communication Plan

We remain engaged throughout the search process via weekly updates keeping you abreast of the analytics talent market.  We advise you on how to best position your requirements to appeal to the candidates that everybody wants to hire.

Our clients are managers who aren’t getting the big data and data science talent they need through their existing channels.

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