• A staffing provider that understands analytics

    Dataspace brings advanced technical screening to the contractor selection process. Our resources are thoroughly vetted by experts that understand cutting-edge data & analytics tools and applications.

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Providing quality contract resources for data science, data engineering and business intelligence for over 25 years.

Our Staffing Services

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Engineering

Business Intelligence

Operations Research

Why us?

Advanced Technical Screening

All contractors go through a deep technical screen with an interviewer who understands the technologies at hand.

25 Years of Industry Experience

We started as a business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy 25 years ago and have kept pace with constantly evolving analytics technologies.

Competitive Pricing

We provide all-inclusive, hourly rates competitive with your current providers.

Detailed Candidate Summaries

A comprehensive review of every candidate’s experience, abilities, motivations and soft skills accompanies all resume submissions.

1-2% Screening Yield Rate

Only 1-2% of the candidates we explore for a requisition end up being sent to our clients for consideration.

Extensive Network of Candidates

We maintain a vast network of contractors with your specific qualifications and industry experience.

Our clients are those hiring managers who aren’t getting the big data, data science and analytics talent they need through their existing channels.

Our Clients