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If you’re in high-growth tech or need SaaS data science talent, you don’t have time to waste reviewing piles of resumes from candidates with less-than-stellar skills. That’s where we come in.

We are a data staffing agency built by data experts. Our specialty is finding exceptional data talent for highly-specialized roles. Instead of passing along every resume that hits the right keywords, we only submit candidates that we evaluate as true options for your role. Bottom line: you may get fewer candidates from Dataspace, but they’ll be better qualified to fit your needs. You’ll save time and make the best possible hire.

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Work with tech & SaaS recruiters who are up to the challenge.

Before we were doing data talent recruiting, Dataspace was a data and analytics consultancy — we still consult and write code today. We know the field firsthand, and we love the challenge of finding the perfect fit for high-value data science roles. We’ve helped technology and SaaS companies of all sizes build powerhouse data teams. And we understand why attention to detail is so vital to filling data-facing roles at SaaS and technology companies.

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We’re laser-focused on finding the best fit, not the most resumes.

Data scientists
data analysts and data engineers are in high demand, which makes it hard to fill any data-focused role. Companies that are leaders in cutting-edge tech require data talent with exceptionally specialized skills and experience. While these roles are extremely challenging to fill, the data talent is out there. 

Although we can’t promise to fill a role more quickly than any other recruiter, we can promise to not waste your time by submitting under-qualified candidates. Efficiently filling niche data science and engineering positions takes patience, persistence, and a deep understanding of what the role entails. This is where most staffing and recruiting companies fall short. They focus on quick return over quality candidates. When you’re a rapid-growth company that doesn’t have the bandwidth to fight through stacks of resumes or to train up new hires, this can be a recipe for failure.

Find better data science talent at competitive rates.

You’ll find our rates on par with typical recruitment agencies, yet our candidates are better qualified for their roles. Our clients rave about the quality of the resumes they receive compared to other vendors, and the time this saves them. The reason we’re able to find exceptional talent for niche roles is our unique screening process:

Every resume we receive is reviewed by a recruiter.

Yes, a real human. Most recruiters rely on automated keyword matching for their first round of screening (and often not much else). Candidates know this and have learned to “stuff” their resumes with terms that are likely to make it past the screening done by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Our resume screeners review for keyword context, not just frequency. By actually reading the resume, they are able to spot errors and inconsistencies that go unnoticed by automated systems. And it also helps us find extraordinary candidates who just happened to use the wrong word on their resumes.

Every that passes our resume screen is interviewed by a data expert.

During the interview, our technical screener will assess whether the candidate has the necessary skills for the role, as well as confirm experience, and evaluate soft skills. Each interview is also monitored by a recruiter, who provides valuable insight into the performance of the candidate.

We only submit candidates we believe can be successful in the role.

Our goal is to give you the best options to choose from, not just the most. Each resume we submit comes with a detailed assessment that rates the applicant’s skills against your needs and evaluates their potential fit. This at-a-glance view of a candidate is designed to help you cut right to the best fits, so you can fill the role efficiently.

Recruit experienced SaaS data science talent who know your niche.

Work with a recruiter that understands the unique analytics hiring needs of early-stage tech and SaaS companies. Set up a no-commitment informational meeting with our recruiting team. You could be reviewing candidates in as little as one week (depending on the role and requirements).

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