Hire Data Scientists, Analysts, and Engineers

Temp or perm data talent for data-driven companies.

Our data science staffing and recruiting services have grown organically from our vast experience as consultants in analytics, business intelligence, and data management. When you need to hire data scientists, engineers, or analysts with a specific set of skills, industry experiences, or technical knowledge, our ability to locate top-notch candidates is unparalleled. Here’s why:

Hire experts in data science, analysis, and engineering
  • Advanced Technical Screening

    Our candidates are interviewed by data science experts, not by career recruiters. We know the industry and the technology inside and out, so we know what to look for when we screen talent. We will help you hire the right data scientist, analyst, or engineer for your business, with the exact set of skills you need.

  • 25 Years Of Industry Experience

    We started as a business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy 25 years ago and have kept pace with constantly evolving analytics technologies

  • Boutique Services, Competitive Rates

    We offer all-inclusive, specialized data science recruitment and staffing services at rates that are competitive with your current providers.

  • 1-2% Screening Yield Rate

    Don’t waste your time with a huge “maybe pile” of candidates – let us do the work, and more, for you. Only 1 – 2% of the applicants we interview make it through the screening process to be offered for consideration by our clients.

  • Extensive Candidate Network

    We already know where to go to find the best data scientists for our clients. We maintain a wide network of proven contractors to fill any position in the big data, data science and analytics field. And we can ramp up talent quickly if you need to hire a data expert right away.

  • Detailed Candidate Assessment

    Along with resumes, you’ll get a comprehensive assessment of each data scientist we submit for consideration. We summarize the candidate’s experience and technical abilities as well as their motivations and soft skills. We then tie these directly to the requirements you communicated to us.