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A Data Analyst Recruitment Agency Built by Data Analysts

Over the past three decades, Dataspace has evolved from a data analytics consultancy into a data science and data analyst recruitment agency.

Dataspace was founded in 1994 by Benjamin Taub, a recognized leader in data analytics and warehousing (and co-author of three books on the subjects). In the 2010s, the demands for business analytics skyrocketed—companies sought to add analysts to their in-house teams and asked if we could help. Unlike a typical staffing and recruiting agency, we had an edge: Ben and the team knew analytics inside and out. We now help clients across the U.S. hire exceptionally-qualified data talent through our unique technical screening process.

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More than a data analyst recruitment agency…

Whether you need to analyze market share and sales opportunities, build infrastructure for moving massive amounts of data, or develop AI-driven features for a SaaS offering, we understand the skillsets required to meet those needs. Our team thoroughly assesses candidates for roles in data analytics, data engineering, and data science, including artificial intelligence.

Data Analysts

Find temporary or permanent analysts and BI experts experienced in making sense of data specific to your industry, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Data Quality Analysts
  • Product Analysts
  • Healthcare Analysts
  • Data Visualization Experts
Data Engineers

Source data engineers who are proficient in the latest cloud-based and big data tools and technologies, including:

  • Database Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • ETL Engineers
  • Data Modelers
Data Scientists

Hire highly-qualified data scientists experienced in predictive modeling and analysis in your field of business, including:

  • AI Developers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • NLP Engineers
  • Prompt Engineers
  • Language Model Trainers

We live by our core values.

As a data analyst recruitment agency, our core values guide our work and drive our commitment to excellence in all we do.

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We are honest with our clients and other constituents, even if it does not benefit our immediate interests. If our services will not meet your needs, we will help point you in the direction of an alternative.


It’s our duty to provide the reliable data analytics resources our clients need to succeed, while benefiting all of our constituents: clients, employees, consultants, candidates, and suppliers.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly seek to improve. We are committed to staying on top of advancements in both data analytics and the recruiting industry to best serve our constituents.


We believe true success and innovation comes with risk. We are more than willing to take appropriate managed risks to provide better service to our clients.

Meet our data talent recruiters

Our secret sauce is our team of uniquely talented people. Learn more about the recruiters at Dataspace.

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