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Our Data Science Screening Process = Better Qualified Data Talent

Don’t waste your time filtering through stacks resumes just to find the few good ones—that’s our job. Whether it’s filling a permanent role or a temporary contract, we put a lot into our screening process to save you unnecessary work. After all, isn’t that why you work with a recruiter?

You may see fewer resumes than with other recruiters, but that’s the point. All of the data science candidates we send your way will be screened specifically for the technical skills you need and well-suited for your company, culture, and goals. 

Illustration of an executive reviewing highly-qualified data science job candidates.

Spend 80% less time on search and screening for data science candidates.

Because we focus on the quality of the data analytics candidates, we often require a little more time up front before you’ll see your first candidates. But you’ll save yourself countless hours of work in exchange for the wait. Our clients spend 80% fewer hours on search and screening than doing it themselves, and an estimated 60% less time when compared with using other recruiters.

Our multi-step screening process for data science roles.

Other staffing firms focus on speed, which means they submit candidates who’ve gone through little more than the automated screening provided by an ATS. But even with modern AI-driven ATSs, we’ve yet to find a system that can’t be gamed by some skillful keyword stuffing. Job seekers and contract houses exploit this. This is why it’s so valuable to invest more effort into the screening process.

Typical screening process
Job applicants are pulled in to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from sources like LinkedIn and Indeed. Candidates sourced through recruiter outreach and candidate networks are also added. The ATS automatically screens the resumes for keyword matches from the job description. Most recruiting agencies rely heavily on their ATS’s built-in screening capabilities to find candidates.
Once a list of candidates is identified, there is usually some level of cursory screening to confirm identity and potential interest. This may be a phone call, email, or an automated check.
Since they focus on speed and volume, most recruiting firms will provide a large number of resumes for you to review within a matter of days. They may not even know if a candidate is interested in your role. It’s now your job to go through every resume to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and whether or not they should be interviewed. You can waste hours calling candidates who weren’t sufficiently screened ahead of time.
A diagram of the typical recruiting process used by major recruiting agencies.
Dataspace screening process
Diagram showing Dataspace's thorough screening process for data science roles.
While we also use automated screening to help weed through the volume of candidates we receive, every single resume we get is read by a experienced data science recruiter.
Once our recruiters narrow down a list of candidates via our ATS and direct outreach, those resumes are reviewed by our technical screener.
A candidate whose resume passes the technical review is then pre-screened by phone. We confirm basic details about skills and experience, answer their questions, and look for big picture disqualifiers like communication issues.
Remaining qualified candidates are invited to a video interview with our technical screener and a recruiter. Here we assess competency in technical skills, team fit, and other qualifications vital to the role.
You receive resumes and assessments for top-level candidates, who are truly good fits for your role. Our detailed candidate assessments summarize strengths and weaknesses, rate technical and soft skills, and provide insights on their ultimate suitability for the position.

Rely on Dataspace to streamline the hiring process for data science roles.

Would you like to spend far fewer hours reviewing resumes and more time meeting highly-qualified data science, data engineering, and data analytics candidates? Contact us today to talk to our recruiting team.

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