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A Data Analyst Staffing Agency Focused on Candidate Quality

Are you looking for a data analytics staffing agency that has an army of candidates ready to go? We hate to say it, but if so, you’re looking in the wrong place. 

Typical staffing agencies will claim to have data science “experts” at the ready, but these companies are incentivized to fit square pegs into round holes. They frequently provide candidates with skills that look good enough on paper but miss the mark on the job. We know this because we’ve helped clients from tech start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies replace underperforming contractors with the analytics experts they need.

Illustration showing a contract data analyst shaking hands on her first day on the job.

Save time and find data and analytics contract staff with the right skills.

We maintain a large candidate network and know where to find the niche expertise today’s data projects require. But, we don’t stop there—we use the same, thorough data science screening process for contract data talent that we use for our permanent placements. Before we submit anyone for your consideration, we conduct multiple levels of screening. We won’t waste your time by sending you resumes for unqualified candidates that you need to filter through. You’ll save hours of your time and hire better data contractors.

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Work with a data analyst staffing agency built by data analysts.

Do you value bringing on the right data science, data engineering, and data analytics contractors for your mission-critical projects? Trust a data analyst staffing agency with a proven track record and contractors in the field at top businesses across the US.

Do you have a data position to fill?

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