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Data Science Recruiting & Contract Staffing

Expert Data Talent, Vetted by Data Experts

Have you been disappointed by the big names in data science recruiting and contract staffing? Meet Dataspace. We vet data science talent better than anyone.

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Spend 80% less time on candidate search & screening.

Trust our tech screen: only 1 – 2% make it to your desk.

Hire data talent that fits your business & culture.

Make confident hiring decisions with better insights on data science job candidates.

Your next data science, analytics, or AI-focused team member needs to be a great fit. Our recruiting process is designed differently, so we can assess data science candidates like no other staffing firm. You get the strongest candidates first, not just the quickest resume matches.

Why we are unlike other data science recruiters.

When you need to hire data scientists, data engineers, or data analysts with a specific set of skills, industry experiences, or technical knowledge, our ability to locate top-notch candidates is unparalleled. Here’s why:

Advanced Technical

All candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed by an expert who understands data science, analytics, and engineering.

30 Years of Data
Industry Experience

We know how to recruit data science talent because we’ve been experts in the field of data and analytics for nearly 30 years.

Exceptional Service,
Competitive Rates

We offer all-inclusive, specialized data science recruitment and staffing services at rates that are competitive with your current providers.

Extensive candidate

We know where to find the best data science candidates. We maintain a wide network of proven contractors to fill any analytics position.

1 – 2 % Candidate
Yield Rate

Only 1 – 2% of the applicants we review make it through the screening process to be offered for consideration by our clients.


Along with each candidate’s resume, we supply a custom report that maps experience, skills, and motivations to your unique needs.

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