Applying technical expertise to the contractor selection process

Using technical experts in big data and data science technologies, Dataspace finds and evaluates temporary talent for industry-leading companies nationwide. Our team applies a unique level of scrutiny to the screening and interviewing process – in fact, we ultimately submit only 1-2% of candidates we consider to our clients. We supply resources for requirements in any industry and include detailed candidate summaries written by recruiters who understand the objectives of your project and the technologies involved.

Founded and led by Benjamin Taub, an acknowledged industry leader and co-author of three books on business intelligence and data warehousing, Dataspace has evolved in step with the modern data science and analytics industry. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1994, we have provided companies a superior option when it comes to finding the right people in the highly complex and competitive analytics talent market.

Whether analyzing market share and sales opportunities, digging into operational performance or retooling business processes, we understand that organizations like yours need people with the ability to analyze and report on relevant data to support optimal decision making. Dataspace is the proven partner to reduce the time and effort it takes to build a competent and effective analytics organization.

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