Meet the Data Engineer: He builds the systems that support data and analytics

Data engineers ensure raw data is accurately collected, securely and reliably stored, and structured for easy use by data scientists and analysts. And this is no small task. Data engineers are able to speak the language of data science and analytics so they can define project requirements. They must also be adept architects and coders comfortable working with the latest cloud technologies.

Meet the Data Scientist: She can predict your business success with data

Similar to data analysts, data scientists collect and analyze business data, but they take it a step further. Data scientists use advanced statistical models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of future business outcomes.

Meet the Data Analyst: She will help you understand your business data

These days, taking care of business means dealing with lots and lots of data. Using that data should be more than storage and retrieval. You need to understand what your business data means for your growth and success. And to do this best, you need expert analysis—you need a data analyst on your team.

Data team roles and what they do for your business

If you’re trying to build out a great data team in your company, you’ve probably noticed that there are lots (and lots and lots) of data science roles out there. And so many of those data job titles sound confusingly similar— it can be hard to make sense of it all. In this post (1 of 4) we’ll give you an overview of the major areas of data science roles and responsibilities.

2021 Trends in Data Hiring report and what it means for 2022

Last year we decided that, as a data-focused staffing and recruiting company, it only made sense to look at our own numbers for some insight on the data hiring market. After months of collecting data we are happy to share our first Annual Trends in Data Hiring Report for 2021.

Data Science Job Boards Roundup

Finding that perfect data job needle in the online job board haystack can be a challenge. While big, general purpose boards, such as Dice and Indeed, are great places to start, you can find more unique and specialized opportunities on job boards focused solely on data science careers. So to help you with your job search, we’ve compiled a list of the best data science job boards out there.

20 Data Science Resume Tips: How to Write a Stand-out Resume

Job hunting this fall? It’s a great time to polish up your resume with these data science resume tips.

At Dataspace, our recruiters review hundreds of data science and engineering resumes every month…