Data Science Recruiting

Finding and retaining capable talent is a serious challenge for companies seeking strong, experienced employees to lead and staff their data science organizations. We help companies locate and hire the unicorns - the data science practitioners and leaders that seem impossible to find in today's talent market. We are able to evaluate competency in virtually any relevant technology or skill base and our network spans across multiple industries. We pride ourselves on our in-depth technical screening and interviewing. Unlike generic recruiters, we don't bombard you with resumes that lack basic qualifications; we submit only candidates that convince us they are capable of succeeding in the role.

Technical Screening and Interviewing

Our team of technical experts in big data and data science technologies applies a unique level of scrutiny to the screening and interviewing process – in fact, we ultimately submit less than 1% of candidates we consider to our clients.

Detailed Candidate Summaries

A comprehensive review of every candidate’s experience, abilities, motivations and soft skills accompanies all resume submissions, giving you a full understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of each candidate before you invest time in the interview process.

Responsive Communication Plan

We remain engaged throughout the search process via weekly updates keeping you abreast of the analytics talent market. We advise you on how to best position your requirements to appeal to the candidates that everybody wants to hire.

Recent Searches and Placements

  • Senior data science manager
  • Data science associate
  • Predictive analytics developer
  • Hadoop developer
  • Big Data architect
  • Image processing engineer
  • SAS developer and administrator
  • Senior information security manager (HITRUST)

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