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In Defense of Relational Databases

As you may know, many big data technologies are defined as schema on read. What this means is that you can throw whatever you want on the disk and then, when you need the data, you tell the data store what that data means (e.g. the second column contains price per unit). Traditional relational databases, […]

The Shifting Role of IT in Analytics

In the distant past (circa 2015), IT was responsible for providing data consumers with data, tools, and development expertise. Today, the landscape is shifting, especially in larger organizations. Nowadays, IT provides some of the data – the certified, clean data. Consuming departments fill the rest of the needs – tools, analytic experts, even non-certified data. […]

Kafka: What Is it?

Number One in Dataspace’s Data Science Series: What does it mean?   If nothing else, the data science industry is good at coming up with new, unique, confusing names and terms.  ZooKeeper, MapReduce, Hadoop, Pig, Storm, Mahout MongoDB…the list keeps growing and it’s totally understandable if you can’t always identify or explain the different technologies […]

Business Intelligence Training: What to Study Over Lunch in 2017

If you’re like me, you’re an exceedingly attractive, 50-something data geek with a love for aviation history who’s an amazing ice hockey player. You also spend a lot of lunches eating a sandwich while studying new technologies. This kind of on-the-cheap, self service training helps you keep up with changes in business intelligence / data warehousing / analytics / […]

If You Get This BI Requirement, Run!

The Lamest BI Requirement – And it Won’t Go Away! Want a sure path to failure in BI and data warehousing? Don’t solicit requirements from your users. Want a second path? Settle for the requirement, “Just give me everything (JGME) and I’ll figure out how to use it when you’re done.” I’m over 25 years […]