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A Big Thing I’ve Learned Assessing BI Systems

Assessing BI & DW Systems   A decent (and fun!) chunk of our business is assessing organizations’ business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities. In assessments we meet with business executives and IT staff to discuss what the business needs, and will need, from BI. We then contrast that with what the organization actually has at its disposal. […]

Do You Really Have Data Management Principles?

Looking back on the work we’ve done over the past few years I’ve come across an interesting point: while companies may have mature data management organizations (DMOs), few of these DMOs have a set of principles behind their data management visions. In other words, they’re building data management infrastructures and tools without a clear sense of what they’re ultimately […]

A Dumb Thing that 99 out of 100 Data Warehousers do

Is your terminology causing your BI / DW team to head in the wrong direction?   As a business intelligence and data warehousing consultant I constantly work with IT teams that, even internally, can’t agree on whether they have a data warehouse, a data mart, a reporting database, or something else. As a result they’re not sure what BI […]

Programming: Get it into School!

For those who’ve been wondering why schools don’t teach at least introductory programming, a large group of industry and government leaders have drafted and signed a petition asking congress to provide funding for this. While I graduated from an engineering university (Lehigh – our mascot actually was the Engineer!) – I went there for accounting. I gravitated to computer […]

When Business Moves Faster than BI

When Business Moves Faster than BI   Face the Facts – IT Does Interfere With Business Agility   It’s a rare organization where the business staff doesn’t complain that IT is holding them back. This is, in fact, one of the key reasons why there is friction between IT and the users they support. Rather than […]

Death of the Data Warehouse

I build data warehouses. I understand why they’re important, I make a living from them. I also see that traditional, relational data warehouses are on the way out. Their demise is coming from a few technological advances. One of these is the ubiquitous, and growing, Hadoop. But, for small to mid-sized companies, the biggest advance is the […]

More Thoughts on Becoming Data Driven

A few weeks ago I published a post on how to become a data driven company.  That post spoke to what managers can do to embed BI in their organizations.  Today, a different perspective on what user departments can do to become more data driven.   Users Won’t Create Their Own Reports   When building an analytics […]