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Why you need cloud neutrality

As you move your infrastructure to the cloud, it’s important to consider how to not become beholden to a single cloud vendor. In other words, to attain cloud neutrality. I’m afraid that I don’t have all the answers on how to do this, but I do have some thoughts. In any case, I recommend that […]

Technology, progress and ethics: a balancing act

Greetings from Dataspace! The last edition of our newsletter focused on some very creative applications of data science tools and methods. Most of these were lighthearted, merely reflecting the interest of the creators in their subject matter – like true scientists, they applied their skills to the questions that interested them. In contrast, today’s newsletter […]

Is it a Match or a Duplicate?

Is it a match or a duplicate? When trying to match similar records across data sets you’ll run into two similar, but different, concepts: matching and deduplication. Quite simply, deduplicating means finding (technically, eliminating) what is effectively the same record multiple times in a file or database. Matching, on the other hand, means finding what […]

Dataspace Newsletter: More data, more problems (to solve)…

Greetings from Dataspace! Another week, another newsletter! Before we get into any new news, a quick update on a piece of old news: It looks like our new website was experiencing some problems of its own when we sent out our last newsletter with the launch announcement. Hopefully all technical issues have been resolved now, […]

Dataspace Newsletter: Grab your tools…it’s time to update!

Greetings from Dataspace! Here’s hoping that this week’s newsletter finds you well, and that those of you who observe enjoyed Happy Passover and Easter celebrations, even if the family was only able to come together virtually. Much like the above painting of the Last Supper received a recent renovation to fit in with modern times, […]

Dataspace Newsletter: Flattening the (other) curve

Greetings from Dataspace! First of all, we here at Dataspace hope that you and all of your loved ones are safe and well in this time of uncertainty, and that we’ll all soon be back on our feet. As the nation’s workers struggle with unemployment or adjust to working from home, it has become even […]