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Dataspace to sponsor Southeast SAS Users Group 2017

We are proud to announce that Dataspace is a corporate sponsor of the 25th Annual Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG 2017) conference in Cary, NC from November 5th to 7th, 2017! Kiran Venna, our featured conference speaker, will be presenting on the following topics during the academic sessions: 1) Data movement issues: Explicit SQL Pass-Through can do […]

Pitching Your 2018 Data Science Budget

Last week we offered some suggestions on how to attack your data management initiatives in 2018 according to your organization’s level of data expertise.  This week we follow up with some tips on how to pitch those new data science technologies and initiatives to increase your chances of getting resources allocated to your projects.   […]

How Big Data Helps Detect Hacking

Cyberattacks have become increasingly damaging and visible in recent years, in part because of numerous, high-profile instances of hacking affecting everything from your personal files to global election outcomes.   And, in fact, hacking is no longer just about unauthorized access to, or loss of data. As the internet of things continues to expand, so […]

Biometrics and Big Data: Facial Recognition

A key feature of big data is its lack of structure – we’re talking about the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into excel columns or that is easily described on first glance using numbers or other descriptors.  This includes things such as images, satellite data and social media posts, which altogether comprise the bulk of […]


So, what is the difference between a programmer and a data scientist?

There exists a chronic confusion as to what the distinction is between your average software engineer (i.e. programmer) and a data scientist.  This is totally understandable, considering the fact that both jobs do involve programming and the term “data science” seems so much like the term “computer science”.  However, the two differ in some significant ways.  

The Sad Future of the Corporate IT Department

People in the tech world love to speculate on the future structure of the corporate IT department. While we cannot know precisely how this change will manifest, there are undeniable trends towards a more engaged and decentralized IT presence in organizations. This may very likely end in the elimination of the IT department as we know it.