It’s been a tough year.
Donuts might help!

They’re probably one of the most visually appealing foods.

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

They are appreciated across the globe.

And surprisingly, more connected to data than you might think.

Here’s a quick summary of what is going on with data and donuts these days:

The donut market is on the rise!

According to projections from Technavio Research, this market would have been expected to see growth anyways, but COVID-19 has given an extra boost – as consumers have increased their purchases of snacks and “comfort foods.” Now could be the time to buy into donuts!

Bicycle culture = donut culture?

The correlational evidence here is strong, as evidenced by multiple donut related articles on

In other donut related news:

The debate still rages on about the use of pie charts, and by extension, donut charts due to their functional similarity with pie charts, and their tendency to inherit some of the same weaknesses

However, if you don’t hold any strong opinions about charts (donut or otherwise) and are just interested in the variety of ways that data can be presented through visualizations, the Data Viz Project put together by the Danish company Ferdio provides an excellent summary of the donut chart, and gives some great visual examples of how it has been used. This site also allows you to hone in on the best visual representation for your data – sorting through a variety of different charts, graphs, diagrams, and plots by shape, input type, functionality, etc.

We here at Dataspace are proudly pro-donut (of the baked good variety.. as far as I am aware we do not have a company policy about donut charts), and have sampled many a fine beignet, berliner, bismarck, and bun. We are definitely spoiled by the availability of great donuts (and bike trails to ride to said donuts) here in Michigan.

We’ll be posting some of our favorite donuts in the comments of our post on LinkedIn. Please share your donut data as well! What’s your favorite local bakery? The most unique donut you have encountered? Best off-the beaten path donuts?? Best donut chart about donuts??? A donut chart about writing about donut charts?

Thanks for joining us in our efforts to make this year just a little bit better, one donut at a time!



2 replies
  1. Kelley
    Kelley says:

    Our neighborhood bakery is DJs, they have some great donuts. I love the apple fritter, but the kids are partial to the ones with chocolate topping and sprinkles

    • Benjamin Taub
      Benjamin Taub says:

      Hey, Kelley! Actually, DJ’s is right near us, too (you must be near A2). They make a giant, birthday cake sized donut. We got it for our daughter and her housemates – it was a huge hit! And you’re right about their apple fritters. Might want to also try out the sour cream glazed.

      Thanks for the comment!


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