A series of occasional posts showing extracts from what we believe to be fraudulent resumes and some hints on how to recognize resume fraud.

3 Remote Interview Scams Every Data Science Manager Should Be Aware of

Whether it’s the 30 second commute, unlimited snacks, or pants-optional lifestyle, remote work makes the daily grind more enjoyable in many ways. But it also introduces new challenges, especially in the area of recruiting. As a data staffing and recruiting agency that sources and places data experts across the country, we’ve been using a fully […]

Communications Hijacking!

What do you do in instances of communications hijacking? How can you ensure that you are actually communicating with the person you think you are communicating with?

I’m not asking you this Python interview question because I want to know. I’m asking because I want to know if YOU know!

I wasn’t asking about Python data structures because I needed to know. I was asking because I needed to know if THE CANDIDATE knew!

Fraud in the Time of Corona

We’ve had to be more flexible and understanding with resume anomalies this past year, but there are some things that still don’t fly.

Resume Fraud: Are Grocery Stores Secretly Testing Your DNA?

Does a major grocery chain employ data scientists doing genetic testing? Or is this another case of resume fraud?

Resume Fraud: If you’re going to copy from another resume, make sure that one makes sense!

Not to be dramatic but… if you haven’t done the work, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR RESUME!

Resume Fraud: Would This Company Use This Software?

For those who think there’s a lot of fraud in resumes today…