Humans vs. Robots vs. Robots vs. Humans : AI for Cybersecurity

This month’s Dataspace newsletter looks at the applications of AI for cybersecurity, and some potential limitations.

Fraud in the Time of Corona

We’ve had to be more flexible and understanding with resume anomalies this past year, but there are some things that still don’t fly.

What Does Predictive Text Spell for Human Writing?

Beyond the tech specs of how these algorithms actually work, the growing capabilities of predictive text beg a multitude of questions regarding the potential implications for humans.

Golden Record at DetroitNewTech This Week!

Join us this Wednesday, January 6th for a virtual presentation about Golden Record at the January Meetup of Detroit New Tech!

All I Want for Christmas is… Analytics?

With such an abundance of Christmas movies out there, it is no surprise that there is also a substantial amount of data available about Christmas movies. And where there is data, there are data scientists playing with it.

Pollsters Should Take A Hint From the CIA

Will political polls ever work again? Are we doomed to this happening forever in the future? The situation points to a need to rethink the concept of polling vs the concept of forecasting.

Assimilate.. or Be Eliminated?

We’ve done a lot of pondering about the future of AI in the workplace, and there are a plethora of theories out there on what this future will look like.

Need plans for Turkey Day? Data Science Can Help!

The holidays will be a little different this year, and many of us will find ourselves with some extra free time, as we will not be traveling or spending the days off with friends and relatives. What better way to fill that extra leisure time than with some data!

Donuts Will Fix It!

Not only are they one of the most visually appealing food groups, but donuts are also more closely related to data than you might think!

Predictions Abound About Election Predictions

While ads on TV, text, social media, and pretty much any other method you can think of are hard at work encouraging everyone to get out and vote, data science has been hard at work building models to try and use the plethora of data available to build models to understand voter behavior and predict the outcomes of this election.