Predictions Abound About Election Predictions

While ads on TV, text, social media, and pretty much any other method you can think of are hard at work encouraging everyone to get out and vote, data science has been hard at work building models to try and use the plethora of data available to build models to understand voter behavior and predict the outcomes of this election.

Surprised by AI: Volume II

Even robots are learning new skills these days! This issue of the Dataspace blog highlights some of the (maybe) surprising ways that AI is enriching our enrichment activities!

Not Enough College Football This Fall? Data Science Can Help

If you’re like me, these “unprecedented times” in the world of sports have opened up unprecedented hours of free time in your nights and weekends this fall. Data science can help!

Do you work for xxx?

Apparently, some candidates are not clear on which company they actually work for…


As it turns out, this question (and variations of it) is one of the most frequently asked questions about data science that users search for via Google – as well as on other community platforms such as Reddit or Quora. 


Much like an actual cloud that can look like whatever you imagine it to be, this virtual cloud is amorphous in its own right, and ever changing.

Fortunately for those who want to leverage cloud computing to improve their data sharing, storage, and analytics capabilities it is less important to understand what “The Cloud” looks like than what it does. In this issue of our newsletter, we dive into some of the silver linings of cloud computing and its applications.

Be Assured, Data Science Ensures Success for Insurance

GREETINGS FROM DATASPACE! As we discussed in what may be our most viewed Dataspace blog post (ever!), insurance is one of the oldest data science based businesses – using math to make predictions about the future. In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting some ways in which data science has infiltrated, influenced, and innovated the insurance […]

Danger, Will Robinson! (AI, Analytics and the Invisible Dangers)

While we may yet be a long way from the threat of truly sentient computers such as Hal 9000 and ARIIA, the current capability of AI technologies still offers plenty of power for those who wish to harness it for malicious purposes. These types of crimes go beyond the grey ethical areas that we discussed […]

Technology, progress and ethics: a balancing act

Greetings from Dataspace! The last edition of our newsletter focused on some very creative applications of data science tools and methods. Most of these were lighthearted, merely reflecting the interest of the creators in their subject matter – like true scientists, they applied their skills to the questions that interested them. In contrast, today’s newsletter […]

Dataspace Newsletter: Your Chicken is Fried in Crude Oil – Data Science Proves It!

Greetings from Dataspace! In this issue of the Dataspace Newsletter we’re taking a break from the more classical and businessy (aka boring) applications for machine learning and data science. Instead, we invite you to open the door to explore all of the ways that you really want to be using your growing data science skills, especially in […]