What Do We Know About the Future of Staffing?

What do we know about the future of staffing? In short, not much. However there are hints that contract staffing could continue to grow as a critical strategic choice for many companies.

Data science contractors – demand will increase in 2020

We’ve spent the past few years helping companies build their core data science functions by guiding them towards the best talent available in the market.  For many companies keen on gaining an edge in predictive technology, the dominant talent strategy has long been finding the best minds in this space and making sure the organization […]

Data Science Salaries in Healthcare

How much should I pay for a data scientist? Being that data science is a relatively new field, we often get questions regarding compensation for various data science related skillsets across different locations and industries. Here are some example salary requests from qualified candidates we interviewed for healthcare related positions over the course of the […]

A Big Mistake Data Science Recruiters Make

There’s a difference between a data scientist and a Python programmer who knows some data science frameworks   We’ve recently heard from a number of recruiters who’ve been burned. They were tasked with finding data scientists who cover the standard technical bases: Python (or R), Pandas, scikit-learn, and maybe even Tensorflow or Keras. What’s more, […]

Changing this one thing about your company can help you hire better data scientists

We begin many blog posts by highlighting the acute shortage of data scientists and the resultant difficulty in attracting them to your company.  Chances are that if you are reading this, you are well aware of that fact and may have already found ways to make your organization more appealing to the data science candidates […]

Making your company more appealing to data scientists

As many a frustrated recruiter or hiring manager can tell you – a good data scientist is hard to find, and even harder to hire. Quality candidates frequently end up with multiple final round interviews (often within days of each other) leading to multiple offers. In such a competitive environment, your challenge is to figure […]

Resume fraud: Warning signs and how to protect yourself

If you have experience in the tech staffing business, you may have noticed a recent rise in the amount of fraud and dishonesty in the marketplace. This is perhaps inevitable given the high level of demand for data engineering and data science skills. So, how can you separate those candidates who can walk the walk […]

What to look for in a data science resume

The process of screening candidates for any role can be both daunting and time consuming, and even more so when the role in question is a highly technical position such as a Data Scientist. The ever growing list of tools and technologies that these professionals work with can read like a foreign language to recruiters […]

Why you should consider contractors for data science

If you’re like many of the analytics leaders and HR professionals we talk to, you know how hard it is to build a strong data science team. Given that everyone is chasing a few fish in a small pool, it’s hard to find strong candidates with the skill-sets you need and to then win over […]

Should we be more open to sponsoring analytics talent?

Trends seen throughout the majority of 2017 persist in the current job market – low unemployment rates and rapid job growth across multiple sectors. These factors have combined to create a highly competitive hiring environment and a shortage of highly skilled professionals – especially in fields that have seen a higher than average job growth […]