Data science contractors – demand will increase in 2020

We’ve spent the past few years helping companies build their core data science functions by guiding them towards the best talent available in the market.  For many companies keen on gaining an edge in predictive technology, the dominant talent strategy has long been finding the best minds in this space and making sure the organization integrated this talent as deeply as possible.

But we have long predicted that once companies had mature data science organizations in place, they would begin seeking contractors to add flexible capacity to their teams.  In recent months, we have seen this prediction come to fruition with an uptick in clients requesting temporary talent for data science.

But here’s the problem: there aren’t enough talented data science contractors to go around.  For most people, full time employment is preferable for obvious reasons. And chances are that if you are a skilled data scientist in this job market, no matter what the circumstances are, you have a full-time, salaried position if you want one.  And even though some people prefer working independently and find benefits in the contractor lifestyle, we don’t expect the supply of contingent data science professionals to keep pace with the surging demand.


Dataspace maintains a network of skilled contractors ready to tackle your projects.  If you’re looking to add some firepower to your data science and engineering efforts in 2020, please let us know!  We can support requirements all across the United States and hold all candidates to the same stringent technical standards we apply to those for permanent roles.  All contractors are offered at competitive, all-inclusive hourly rates. Give us a call at 734-761-5962 or send us a message at!